Keith Herber, Scott David Aniolowski, Steve Purcell, Jason C's The Compact Trail of Tsathoggua PDF

By Keith Herber, Scott David Aniolowski, Steve Purcell, Jason C Eckhardt, Shannon Appel

ISBN-10: 1568820879

ISBN-13: 9781568820873

Whilst old writings are came upon on a floating iceberg, an day trip is shaped at Miskatonic college to enquire. What mystery lurks at the sterile Greenland icecap? A grim discovering in Canada leads investigators to delve into the folklore of the land. What residing horror grows at the back of the sasquatch legend? The Compact path of Tsathoggua features a mini-campaign in situations, looking for fact within the northern wastes. Tsathoggua's curse awaits the unwelcomed investigators of the occult and the unknown.

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The Compact Trail of Tsathoggua by Keith Herber, Scott David Aniolowski, Steve Purcell, Jason C Eckhardt, Shannon Appel

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