The Continental Drift Controversy. Wegener and the Early by Henry R. Frankel PDF

By Henry R. Frankel

Solution of the sixty-year debate over continental glide, culminating within the triumph of plate tectonics, replaced the very cloth of Earth technological know-how. This four-volume treatise at the continental float controversy is the 1st entire background of the foundation, debate and slow attractiveness of this progressive concept. in response to huge interviews, archival papers and unique works, Frankel weaves jointly the lives and paintings of the scientists concerned, generating an obtainable narrative for scientists and non-scientists alike.
Vol.1: Wegener and the Early Deba
Vol.2: Paleomagnetism and affirmation of Drift
Vol.3: advent of Seafloor Spreading
Vol.4: Evolution into Plate Tectonics

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Their forms, structures and inter-relationships (Structural Geology); the geological processes or machinery of the earth, by means of which changes of all kinds are brought about (Physical Geology); and finally the succession of these changes in time, or the history of the earth (Historical Geology). (Holmes, 1944: 5; 1965: 9–10) Comp. 1 Holmes’ Figure 1 from his Principles of Physical Geology (1945: 4; 1965: 9). Within physical geology, the central subject of his book, he included geomorphology, oceanography, meteorology, and climatology.

A theory or solution also encounters internal theoretical difficulties if it embodies an inconsistency. Here is an example. Fixists raised such a difficulty with Wegener’s explanation of mountain building, arguing that it was not only inconsistent with itself but also with other solutions that he offered in his overall theory. Wegener claimed that continents plow through seafloor, sima (rock rich in silicon (Si) and magnesium (Mg) identified as the general constituent of ocean floors) being weaker than sial (rock rich in silicon and aluminum (Al) identified as the general constituent of continents).

Paleontologists specializing in Cenozoic studies of the distribution of mammals tended to be fixists.

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