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By Tomoko Ogawa

The endgame has a tendency to be the ignored part of the sport of cross. This quantity, by way of a eastern specialist move participant and a powerful American novice, seeks to rectify this case by means of surroundings forth the elemental strategies, ideas, and counting innovations wanted within the endgame.

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Dia. 3. Black 1 is gote, but it makes 3 Black's sente. Dia. 4. Now 3 is White's sente, White has a point at x , and Black will eventually have to connect at two additional points around '. That adds up to four points in all. Smallest move: B-3½ points in gote. Dia. 5. Black 1 saves " and captures ', but does not make any territory because a and b are miai. 20 Dia. 6. White 1 saves ' and captures ", which makes a difference of two points so far, and there is a further play left at a. Dia. 7. That play is worth three points — two at " and one at x — but it is gote, so only half its value should be added on.

69, White would have replied at G without needing to play B, and I might have lost the game. Black 29 to 37 in Figure 20 went according to plan, and the game was now essentially over. White took sente plays at 40, 42, and 46, each of which reduced my territory, or enlarged his territory, by one point. White 44 gave him some potential ko threats in connection with the stone marked ^alb, and if I had not answered at 45, a white atari at 45 would have reduced my territory by one point in sente. There was a two-point gote play at a for me on the lower edge, but one point in sente is worth two points in gote, and that is why I answered at 45.

In the final two chapters we shall look at some more games, and give you a chance to try yourself out on them by presenting them as whole-board problems. CHAPTER 2 Counting Frequently during the endgame you are faced with a choice of two or three or four moves and must count to find which is the biggest. That sounds simple, but you know by now that it is not-that there can be all sorts of follow-up moves, combinations, and other complications involved. Most important is the question of sente and gote; it is often correct to make a small sente play before a larger gote one.

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