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Die Buchedition Verfassungen der Welt vom spaten 18. Jahrhundert bis zur Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts ist die vollstandigste und wissenschaftlich fundierteste Sammlung ihrer paintings. Sie enthalt Verfassungsdokumente, die weltweit ab 1776 bis zum Ende des Jahres 1849 verfasst und verbreitet worden sind. Rund 1.

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THE naming of R. A. F. plane follows no difficult and quickly rule, yet, regularly, fighter names have an competitive connotation and, until eventually the arriving of the V-class (Valiant, Vulcan, Victor), bombers have been named after cities. coach names usually have organization with education actions and such a lot shipping varieties also are named after cities.

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And buy . . The American system (wrote Ronald Segal) is a hymn to personal indulgence. ‘Pamper yourself, pamper him, pamper her,’ is the chant of the advertisements. They address not the community, far less the nation; they address the individual American, and in particular the individual American woman. ‘Buy,’ they cry. ‘Buy as a wife. Buy as a mother. Buy as a woman. ’ . . What are they to buy? In the business recession of the late 1950’s, President Eisenhower was asked just that question. ’ 34 If you think that the very, very rich must be beyond the reach of such huckstering, you are mistaken.

Time of February 2, 1970, devoted its main feature story to a description of how the Americans are destroying their environment. Here in these statements quoted from the sur­ vey is some of the startling information they conveyed to the readers:• • Modern technology is already pressuring nature with tens of thousands of synthetic substances, many of which almost totally resist decay— thus poisoning man’s fellow creatures, to say nothing of himself. The burden includes smog fumes, aluminum cans that do not rust, inorganic plastics that may last for decades, floating oil that can change the thermal reflectivity of oceans, and radioactive wastes whose toxicity lingers for literally hundreds of years .

1 Whatever the full story, it is impossible to imagine a police­ man killing a white man simply for crossing the street against a red light . . A long history of police complaisance in the ghetto toward drug sellers and prostitutes combined with a readiness to humiliate and harass the self respecting black who tries to insist on his rights has built an explosive bitter­ ness everywhere. ” What an admission! What he failed to mention, as Colin Cross pointed out in The Observer a few days later, was that: Near the Capitol are some of the worst slums in America, populated by blacks who speak a dialect which is almost a separate language from standard English.

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