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By Gregory O'Malley

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During this significant contribution to the heritage of the crusades, O'Malley reports the institutions of the health facility of St John of Jerusalem in Britain and eire within the later 15th and 16th centuries. He examines their involvement within the society in these islands and the army, scientific, and devotional paintings of the Hospital's headquarters in Rhodes, Italy, and Malta. this can be the 1st book-length scholarly exam of the paintings of the order's English and Irish priories in any interval.

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Vizzari de Sannazaro, ‘The Venerable Langue of England: A History of the English Branch of the Order of St John of Jerusalem with a Roll of Englishmen connected with the Order, and an Appendix of Unpublished Documents’, unpublished typescript, London, SJG, 12–15 and documents 306–13; Sarnowsky, Macht und Herrschaft, 255, 286–8, 632–3. 79 AOM282, fos. 73r–v; 78, fo. 83r; 393, fos. 155v–156; 82, fos. 114v, 137v; 73, fo. 99r; 75, fos. 18v–19r, 168v, 176v; 78, fo. 28v; 79, fo. 17r–v; 80, fo. 98r; 84, fo.

It seems likely that its peculiar survival owed everything to its wider role. Had it not been engaged in the defence of Christendom there is no reason to think that the Hospital in the domains of the English crown would have been spared separation from its overseas mother-house, dominated as the latter was by Frenchmen until the mid-fifteenth century. But this begs a number of questions. There is considerable evidence that crusading, at least against non-Christians, was regarded by most of the late medieval population of Britain and Ireland as thoroughly respectable, but it is equally clear that fewer and fewer 99 See below, Ch.

Xxx, 178; A. T. , 39 (London, 1990), 1–22. 82 Delaville le Roulx, Rhodes, 136; Sarnowsky, Macht und Herrschaft, 330–2. 83 See below, Ch. 2. 84 Sarnowsky, Macht und Herrschaft, esp. 47–88. 85 Ibid. 276–300. 86 See below, Ch. 2. 81 14 Introduction up legislation and settle important disputes. Capitular bailiffs, who included western provincial priors, other senior western brethren, and important officers like the grand preceptor of Cyprus sat on both chapters and on the council and when absent were represented in chapter by proctors.

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