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By Gordon Thomas

ISBN-10: 0312604211

ISBN-13: 9780312604219

This revelatory account of the way the Vatican kept millions of Jews in the course of WWII indicates why historical past needs to exonerate "Hitler's Pope"


Accused of being “silent” through the Holocaust, Pope Pius XII and the Vatican of worldwide warfare II are now exonerated in Gordon Thomas’s most up-to-date investigative paintings, The Pope's Jews. Thomas’s cautious study into new, first-hand debts reveal an underground community of monks, nuns and voters that risked their lives day-by-day to guard Roman Jews.

Investigating assassination plots, conspiracies, and mystery conversions, Thomas unveils faked documentation, quarantines, and extra notable activities taken by way of Catholics and the Vatican. The Pope's Jews finally solutions the nice ethical query of the conflict: Why did Pope Pius XII refuse to sentence the genocide of Europe's Jews?

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