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Words they use say it iA a hundred ways, none telling the story in exactly the same way, but all of them vouching~,that:something continues to live on after the last 'dying breath)bhas'ceased in the human body, The belief has existed with the strong convictions of faith, but as rested on faith, in the last analysis, this is whato <,$ 2h4'. ,onehundred and fifty years has placed the religiou liefs-of men under the continuous and skeptical eye of;scientific scrutiny. This is not to say that the great scientist,havenftbelieved in God or an afterlife.

Er, the General could not change t h e Nazi p o l i c i e s . Together the Ludendorfs were superb stewards f o r t h e movement u n t i l h i s death i n 1937. * r The objective that the Ludendorfs set out to accomplish was to restore the worship of the pre-Christian deities; returning to the gods that had been worshipped in Germany prior to its conversion to Christianity. By the 1930's the old Gods were familiar to most Germans because of Wagners famous operas, so knowledge of the re'-born faith spread rapidly through Germany into other countries where such men as the George Bernard Shaw, William Morris, and Tasman Forth became interested and taught the religion, In Germany itself, another prominent thinker was Professor Ernst Bergmann, who published numerous tracts on Odinism ( ~ o t a n in ~ermany), His most famous work is entitled the "Twenty Flve Thesis of German Religion", The professor wrote that people of Germanic stock had always had their own faith and he outlined the religion, His ideas eventually gained wide acceptance as the principles of the neo-pagans of Germany, From its inception, the neopagan religion had been closely connected with the struggle against western political ideas, The struggle against these ideas was because the neo-pagan religion was part and parcel of the strmggle for G e m a n unification, The leaders in the unification for Germany were the conservative aristocracy and the Junkers of Prussia who led her army.

5. ou should 'st speak him f a i r , But t h i n k c r a f t i l y , And l e a s i n g pay w i t h l y i n g , 46* But of him y e t f u r t h e r Whom thou l i t t l e t r u s t e s t , And thou s u s p e c t e s t h i s a f f e c t i o n , Before him thou s h o u l d f s t laugh, And c o n t r a r y t o t h y thoughts speak; R e q u i t a l should t h e g i f t resemble, 47, I once was young, I was journeying alone And l o s t my way; Rich I thought myself When I men another: Man i s t h e joy of man, 48.

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