Download e-book for iPad: The Vampire Players Guide, 2nd Edition (Vampire: The by Andrew Greenberg

By Andrew Greenberg

ISBN-10: 1565040538

ISBN-13: 9781565040533

This can be a harccover booklet written by way of Andrew Greenberg-The Vampire Player's consultant 2d version, The Sourcebook for avid gamers of Vampire. Copyright 1993 via White Wolf

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Novice: High school * * Practiced: College student * * * Competent: Grad student * * * * Expert: Professor * * * * * Master: Theorist Possessed by: Teachers, Researchers, Scientists, Counselors, Psychologists * * Practiced: NCO * * * Competent: Brigadier general Specialties: Behaviorism, Freudian, Jungian, Humanist, Developmental, Experimental, Animals * * * * Expert: Julius Caesar * * * * * Master: Sun Tzu Possessed by: Military Pe rsonnel, Wargamers, Black Hand Warriors Jungle, Ex -Knights, Specialties: Phalanx, Large-Scale, One-on-One, Modern, Sieges, Sabbat Naturalist You are a student of animal behavior.

You can study a city or country and gain a fair understanding of its economic condition and the reasons for such. * * * * Expert: You possess expansive knowledge. * Novice: High school Specialties: Enchanting Music, Faerie Food, Somniare, Atlantium, Antrum, Caelum, Barathrum, Tartarus * * Practiced: College student * * * * * Master: You think you know the secrets of these creatures. Possessed by: Faeries, Lupines, Occultists, Vampires, Magi, Witch-Hunters Forensics * * * Competent: Grad student or business journalist * * * * Expert: Professor or economic consultant * * * * * Master: Research fellow or presidential advisor Possessed by: Scholars, Economists, Business peop le, Politicians, Barroom Pundits Specialties: Private Sector, Public Sector, Stock Market, Taxes, International Electronics You are familiar with the construction and operation of electronic devices.

When attempting something difficult, or when danger threatens, the Storyteller may require a Dexterity + Ride roll to avoid trouble. This Skill can also be combined with Mental Attributes to reflect your working knowledge of the relevant trappings and equipment. * Novice: Pony club member; dude ranch vacations * * * * Expert: Hotdogger, ski champ, Arctic forces * * * * * Master: Olympic medallist, elite forces Possessed by: Sportsmen, Military, Arctic and Mountain Inhabitants Specialties: Cross-Country, Downhill, Ski-jumping, Snowboarding, Stunts Sleight of Hand The quickness of your hands can deceive the eyes of others.

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