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By Sean P. Kealy, Martin McNamara

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This can be an exhaustive survey of the biblical knowledge books that makes a speciality of the background of the contextual interpretations of the texts. glossy students use the time period "wisdom" literature to incorporate the books of Proverbs, task, Ecclesiastes, a few psalms and likewise Ben Sira, in addition to the knowledge of Solomon. Such books differed in actual fact from the remainder of the previous testomony fashionable and locate their closest parallels outdoor the Bible, particularly in Egyptian and Mesopotamian literature. normally, they're marked via the creative use of parallelism, the balanced and symmetrical use of words unusual to Hebrew poetry. particularly students word that the observe "wisdom" is well known in all of the books of the knowledge Literature.

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0. Crossan, ed. Gnomic Wisdom, Semeia 17, Chico, Scholar's Press, 1980, pI. Further, a professional educator, Mark Hinds, Teaching for Responsibility, Religious Education, Spring 1998, (pp217-218) sees Proverbs as having many of the features which try to encourage the development in the young of the qualities of analysis and critical reflection which are involved in "teaching for responsibility"; Through contradictions, irony and riddles in, among and between proverbial sayings, these texts indirectly direct the reader's attention to the ambiguities in life.

Whybray, in his survey, notes five topics which have been prominent III discussions on the provenance of Proverbs in the last half of the twentieth century: No agreement has been recorded as to the provenance of Proverbs. There are at least three proposals: tribal-life in pre-monarchical life (Genstenberger, who rejected the view that the source was the Royal Court with its wisdom school); the fact that the highly artistic character of the proverbs is unlike that of the proverbs found in the historical and prophetical books; the fact that they are aimed at a class of educated farmers.

For Tracy, neither is superior to the other and each requires the critique of the other. The risk for one is superstition while for the other it is a bleak, God-forsaken world. For Protestants such as Marcus Barth, the only sacrament is Jesus Christ and him crucified. Catholics on the contrary seem to find sacraments everywhere. Thus Bernanos comments at the end of A Diary of a Country Priest, "everything is grace". D. A FAITH VIEW OF WISDOM As John H. T. wisdom created problems for some biblical, particularly Protestant, theologians.

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The Wisdom Books of the Bible – Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, Ben Sira, Wisdom of Solomon: A Survey of the History of Their Interpretation by Sean P. Kealy, Martin McNamara

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