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By Christopher Portway

ISBN-10: 1423747518

ISBN-13: 9781423747512

ISBN-10: 1840241454

ISBN-13: 9781840241457

This paintings embraces part a life of traveling around the globe via educate: steaming down the Khyber go at the train's entrance buffers; and trying an get away as a POW in Nazi-occupied Europe in global struggle II. It teems with incident and weird come upon in a single man's international ardour.

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The class of travel referred to the bunks: ‘soft’ indicated four sprung bunks in 63 The World Commuter a closed compartment; ‘hard’ described a more crowded wooden bunk-filled open coach. But since bedding was issued to both classes of passenger the texture of the bunks themselves was immaterial. The ‘hards’ were very much more communal, which could have been either advantageous or disadvantageous depending upon one’s individual outlook. For me they were going to pay dividends. Whatever impression the border people might give, a Russian will do anything to help a foreign stranger in distress.

The Kurds offered the information that they were going to a small town with an unpronounceable name, but as nobody had heard of it the pronouncement fell a bit flat. 57 The World Commuter We were diesel-hauled now and the train trotted along contentedly with no gradients to endure. Beside us ran the Tigris like a tame serpent, and at Samara we stopped at a station of some reckoning that had strayed from the town. Our numbers down to four, our thoughts, in unison, turned to food and the ceremony of the unswaddling of the bundles and the positioning on the floor of the charcoal fires began.

Now I was to discover how Syrian authority would react to the situation. Nothing could be easier: they simply altered the dates and details of the cancelled visa, restamped it, charged me double and gave me a homily on the folly of not obtaining a new passport even though the validity of the present one had not expired. More desert and we were at the Iraqi border where the train refused to move for an hour. And by the time we reached Mosul I had lost count of the hours we were late. The raison d’être of Mosul is Nineveh, the older city that I could dimly see across the River Tigris.

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