The World Religions Speak on ”The Relevance of Religion in by Huston Smith (auth.), Finley P. Dunne Jr. (eds.) PDF

By Huston Smith (auth.), Finley P. Dunne Jr. (eds.)

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By Gautama Buddha has, in the intervening centuries, taken on diverse forms and paths of development as it spread to new lands and cultures and intermingled with local beliefs and practices. Thus, I wish to confine my discussion to the form of Buddhism known as Theravada, which is the prevailing religion of Ceylon, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. But I must be even more specific than this; for I do not wish to discuss the various local traditions, ceremonies and later schools of thought which have become attached to Theravada.

RAGHA V AN Professor of Sanskrit, University of Madras On the subject of the relevance of Hinduism today, I desire to place before you my ideas from a special as weIl as a general point of view. Although I say this to make a start, I am sure I will not be able as I go along to keep the two points of view separate. In fact, what I want to say on behalf ofHinduism will, I hope, gain strength from the latter point of view; for it is on the general, the fundamental and universal aspects ofHinduism that I propose to concentrate my short exposition so that its relevance and validity may be seen in their true proportions and depth.

I sincerely believe that religion has never been as relevant as it is today to the solution of our most vital human problems. The second thing which our modern world needs today, a thing which again religion alone can give, is respect for man as a person. Man is more and more reduced to a mere number in aseries, a creature whose personality is 30 FATHER FALlON threatened by the machines and institutions which our technological age has created. He fe eis small, a small cog in an immense and impersonal machine, and he is often treated as a me re object, a thing manipulated by powerful forces that crush his human dignity.

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The World Religions Speak on ”The Relevance of Religion in the Modern World” by Huston Smith (auth.), Finley P. Dunne Jr. (eds.)

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