Theory of Wing Sections - Including a Summary of Airfoil by Ira H. Abbott, A. E. von Doenhoff PDF

By Ira H. Abbott, A. E. von Doenhoff

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A reference for engineers and scholars, this quantity devotes greater than three hundred pages to theoretical and experimental issues. It progresses from undemanding fabrics to equipment utilized in the layout of NACA low-drag airfoils, and it provides strategies for utilizing wing-section info to foretell wing features. calls for differential and necessary calculus and user-friendly mechanics.

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Strong concentrations of the trailing vortices are obtained whenever a large span wise variation of lift occurs. Consequently the sections are operating in a curved as well as a rotated flow field whenever the spanwise variation of lift is not small. This curved flowfield may be interpreted as an effective change in camber which is not considered in ordinary liftingline theories. This difficulty is avoided by lifting-surface theory, the treatment of which is outside the scope of this volume. Experience has shown that usable results are obtained from lifting-line theory if no spanwise discontinuities or rapid changes of section, chord, or twist are present, and if the wing has no pronounced sweep.

29. The velocity distribution about the cylinder is found by differentiating the expression for the stream function [Eq. 29)] as follows: 2 . iNt a ) sm8+r - = V ( 1+ar r2, 27rr 45 SIMPLE TWO-DIMENSIONAL FWWS The tangential component of velocity v' (positive counterclockwise) at the surface of the cylinder is obtained from Eq. 9) and the substitution of r = a. 5) along the streamline If = o. 32) the pressure coefficient S [Eq. 33) The symmetry of Eq. 33) about the line 8 = 1r/2 shows that there can be no drag force.

It was shown in Chap. 2 that the field of flow about a circular cylinder with circulation in a uniform stream is known. It is possible to relate this field of flow to that about an arbitrary wing section by means of conformal mapping. In relating these fields of flow, the circulation is selected to satisfy the Kutta condition that the velocity at the trailing edge of the section must be finite. Such characteristics as the lift and pressure distribution may then be determined from the known flow about the circular cylinder.

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