Tradition and Authenticity in the Search for Ecumenic Wisdom by Thomas Langan PDF

By Thomas Langan

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Our rising global procedure is bringing the good traditions and cultures it has spawned into ever extra intimate and hazardous touch. Langan argues that we needs to fight towards a solidarity of discourse respectful of actual reports of various civilizations if we're to dwell peacefully on one planet.

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11 Without some degree of critical appropriation of these most influential traditions, we obviously do not know ourselves. 2. Such self knowledge is indispensable for the proper conduct of our affairs. 3. Only the person secure in the knowledge of himself can afford the risk of letting the other be other. 4. Our posing the question of whether we have a destiny in common, the other and I, depends on our first coming to know ourselves and the other, as we grow in mutual understanding by working and searching together.

In this book we shall explore fresh ways of interrogating history, not out of antiquarian interest, but as a vital part of finding our way. Truth comes as much from making use of the discoveries of our ancestors as it does from present experience. We are obliged to start by using the symbol systemsthe linguistic, mathematical, and musical systemsthat they have handed down to us. Social order is not just the product of 1. Friedrich Nietzche, Daybreak (Morgenrote), trans. R. J. Hollingdale (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1982), 48.

The boundaries fuzzily separating the center of awareness from the not-so-aware provide that sense of the "thickness of the self" described by Gabriel Marcel. So a certain ambiguity surrounds those unconscious aspects of my person; they form a resistance to the center of awareness. The development of the self is a process somehow essentially related to that otherness within my person and in the situation, as I am caught up to some degree in the alien world. Yet, through awareness and creative will, I am also able in some degree to transcend it and therefore consciously to affect it.

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