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By Andre LaMothe

ISBN-10: 0672318350

ISBN-13: 9780672318351

This isn't a fluff e-book. Get your math books out and be ready to take advantage of that CD integrated with the ebook. plenty of examples, unfastened picture instruments. it isn't effortless, but when it used to be, you would not desire this publication. definitely worth the expense - reasonable in comparison to periods or attempting to examine this stuff by yourself. nice stuff...

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0 for this book (but only using the interfaces from 7 and 8), so you need to use the DirectX SDK on the CD. 0, if you really want to. 3. DLLs, ActiveX compo- nents, CONSOLE applications, or anything else (unless I tell you to). EXE. 10. EXEs that you can build when compiling: Release and Debug. Release is faster code and optimized, whereas Debug is slower and has debugger hooks in it. I suggest that while you are developing, you build the Debug version until it works, then go ahead and set the compiler to Release mode.

I assume that you know it—if you don’t, I suggest picking up Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus (or any other good game programming book) and sitting at the computer until you feel comfortable with Windows, DirectX, and game programming in general. On the other hand, even if you haven’t read the previous Tricks and know nothing of game programming, you will still get something out of this book, because this is a graphics book. We are going to build the 3D engine(s) for the book chapter by chapter, but to save time (and about 1,500 pages), we’re going to start off with the basic DirectX engine developed in the first book.

When writing game code, it’s tempting to optimize as you go. This is usually a waste of time. Wait until you are done with a major code block or until you’re done with the game before you start heavy optimization (Intel’s VTUNE is a great tool for profiling). This will save you time in the end, because you won’t have to deal with cryptic code or optimizations that aren’t necessary. When the game is done, that’s when you start profiling and finding problem areas to optimize. On the other hand, don’t program sloppily.

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