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The 3 writers tested in Richard Arnold’s Trinity of Discord, Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, and William Cowper, are referred to as recognized poets, yet also are the best and such a lot popularly compiled and used hymn-writers of all time. whereas masters in their style, they have been so remarkably various, contemplating they have been operating within the related (and relatively new) style. furthermore, while thought of of their poetic-historical contexts, it's noteworthy that Watts will be obvious as an archetypal Neoclassicist (not in contrast to Pope and Johnson), Wesley as a transitional pre-Romantic (not not like grey and Collins), and Cowper a thoroughgoing Romantic (not in contrast to Wordsworth and Coleridge, yet with a miles sharper mental edge). such a lot noteworthy is that Watts, Wesley, and Cowper come sooner than their later opposite numbers and their respective events: their value to mainstream or canonical literary historical past can't be overvalued.
when it comes to the hymn’s improvement within the 19th and 20th centuries, those 3 stand as beacons within the style, if no longer person species of a multiform style itself. of their time and context, those 3 have been, whereas sarcastically out of song with the established order, and considerably varied from one another, forging a brand new and eternal style, one born out of a veritable trinity of discord.

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This short hymn is an example of Watts using a poetic figure and evocative language in a more sophisticated way. The hymn, revolving around an enigmatic figure, is at once epigrammatic and extensive in its possible meaning, while written in simple yet suggestive language. Watts looks at the concept of faith and leads the reader to the suggestions that faith can illuminate what is within and/or what is 42 Trinity of Discord without, or it can illuminate nothing and simply lead the individual, but in any case it is a sure guide.

Essentially he gives birth to the hymn as a literary form which possesses an artistic integrity of its own; yet he is continually careful not to let the hymn become “too poetical”. The hymns in the first part of the volume, those that are ostensibly paraphrases of scripture, are unlike earlier versified versions of scripture. 12 He has taken the liberty here, as he does in many others of the scriptural hymns, to add a response to the scripture that has been paraphrased.. 42) he takes another liberty: this hymn is a paraphrase of Revelation 15:3, yet Watts’s stanzas 3 to 6 are not from the scripture—they are his own catalogue of God’s blessings upon His chosen people: he recounts how God fed them manna, how “th’Egyptian Host was drown’d”, how Christ “invites us to his Flesh,” and how we, and not Moses, can enter the promised land.

In his volume of hymns he will attempt to blend these two ingredients—poetry and religious praise—within a single literary form. The 32 Trinity of Discord Horae served its dual purpose as a devotional manual and as a prelude to Watts’s hymns, which are published in the following year. Before looking at the hymns, however, some attention should be given to The Psalms of David Imitated, a work which, though not published until 1719, was started before the hymns and was an ongoing project. Watts’s Preface to the work carries the subtitle, “An ENQUIRY into the right Way of fitting the Book of PSALMS for Christian Worship,”8 and if he here seems to be implying that the Psalms have never been properly rendered, he certainly emphasizes this explicitly in the course of his Preface.

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