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By Ronald M. Nowak

ISBN-10: 0801880335

ISBN-13: 9780801880339

Although they're very smart, ruthless predators, carnivores are more and more infrequent. From the dwarf mongoose to the polar undergo, carnivores are without delay revered and misunderstood, invoking either worry and interest within the people with whom they proportion their global. Ronald M. Nowak celebrates those interesting mammals in Walker's Carnivores of the World. This accomplished consultant, that includes 225 illustrations, covers the world's 8 terrestrial households of carnivores. every one popular account includes clinical and customary names, quantity and distribution of species, actual attributes, measurements, looking and social task, replica, habitat, inhabitants dynamics, toughness, and standing of threatened species. A thought-provoking assessment via David W. Macdonald and Roland W. Kays is jam-packed with result of the most recent box and laboratory study on issues starting from evolutionary background to the adaptive price of fur styles. Emphasizing the interaction of social lifestyles, morphology, and predatory habit, it offers an up to date landscape of the world's carnivores.

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