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By Aaron Demski-Bowden, James Kiley, Matthew McFarland, Visit Amazon's Chuck Wendig Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Chuck Wendig,

ISBN-10: 1588463362

ISBN-13: 9781588463364

This booklet presents every thing had to absolutely flesh out and painting the natural as sympathetic antagonists. every thing from good written out histories and backgrounds, to new presents, rites, inns, fetishes and totems. The publication is easily worthy getting and having to your Forsaken Library.

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Though the Pure are still a hybrid of flesh and spirit that feels “unnatural” to most denizens of Shadow, the Pure openly swear their allegiance to spirits other than the children of Father Wolf. 40 The Pure claim a stronger relationship with the Shadow because they do not seek to cull it and clip it as the Forsaken do. By letting the Shadow exist on its own merits — and even helping it gain strength over the physical world in places — the spirits can more easily allies, not enemies. This is only partly true, however.

Families try to run from their monstrous patron, and might end up chained in the cellar or held fast by possessing spirits. Some aberrant Pure keep their humans on literal farms, forcing the humans into muddy pens or barn stalls and letting the fools rut like beasts. ) Other packs might lord mightily over a whole town, assuming the entire populace as the pack’s breeding stock. The humans who appease their Pure masters are rewarded: money, gifts, comfort. The humans who go against the breeding program are drugged up, chained or made to work until their fingers show bone and sinew.

A few, however, are too lost to see the forest for the trees. If a pack doesn’t see the shoal coming — and doesn’t stop it as soon as it starts — they may suffer from a shoal’s effects. More than one Pure pack has been found seemingly trapped in its own territory, bleak and bitter, listlessly wandering the circumference of the locus. Forsaken who find such a situation do not have an easy solution. Go against the Oath and destroy the weakened Pure? Remove them from the area, thus empowering them again?

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Werewolf The Pure by Aaron Demski-Bowden, James Kiley, Matthew McFarland, Visit Amazon's Chuck Wendig Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Chuck Wendig,

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