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By James A. Estes, Douglas P. DeMaster, Daniel F. Doak, Terrie M. Williams, Robert L. Brownell

ISBN-10: 0520248848

ISBN-13: 9780520248847

This unparalleled quantity provides a sweeping photograph of what we all know in regards to the traditional heritage, biology, and ecology of whales within the wide context of the dynamics of ocean ecosystems. leading edge and entire, the amount encompasses a number of issues of view to think about the complete ecological impression of commercial whaling at the world's oceans. Combining empirical learn, ecological concept and modeling, and historic info, its chapters current views from ecology, inhabitants biology, body structure, genetics, evolutionary heritage, ocean biogeography, economics, tradition, and legislation, between different disiplines. all through, participants examine how whaling essentially disrupted ocean ecosystems, research a few of the roles whales play in foodstuff webs, and speak about the ongoing ecological chain reactions to the depletion of those huge animals. as well as reviewing what's recognized of the present and historical whale populations, Whales, Whaling, and Ocean Ecosystems considers how this information will endure on clinical ways to conservation and whaling sooner or later and provocatively asks if it is attainable to revive ocean ecosystems to their pre-whaling situation.

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Whales, whaling, and ocean ecosystems by James A. Estes, Douglas P. DeMaster, Daniel F. Doak, Terrie M. Williams, Robert L. Brownell

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