Wings in the sea: the humpback whale by Lois King Winn PDF

By Lois King Winn

ISBN-10: 0874513367

ISBN-13: 9780874513363

Whale watchers and armchair naturalists will sign up for scientists and environmentalists in welcoming this wonderful illustrated advent to the humpback.

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How many of them are there? What are their patterns of feeding, migrating, and breeding? To these questions we turn next.  6. The underwater grace and agility of the humpback whale are apparent in this photograph. Photo by Dave Woodward. Page 18 Page 19 2 Around the World There are three populations of humpbacks isolated around the world: in the North Atlantic, the North Pacific, and the southern hemisphere (see Fig. 7). Although the waters of the southern hemisphere are continuous with those of the northern hemisphere, humpbacks apparently do not cross from north to south because the seasons in the two hemispheres, and accordingly the animals' breeding cycles, are six months out of phase.

I) or the round bumps on its head. To the French it was baleine a bosse (whale with hump), to the Germans Pflockfisch (peg fish), and to the Norwegians knolhval (knobbed whale). The unusual antics of the humpback inspired the Russians to choose the name vessyl kit, or merry whale. In the western provinces of Japan, blind men carrying lutes on their backs and chanting the Jishinkyo or "sutra of the earth goddess," once went from house to house to honor the deity of the hearth. " In the eighteenth century Carolus Linnaeus, a Swedish naturalist and botanist, devised a method for naming plants and animals.

F. D. Ommanney, in his 1971 book Lost Leviathan, reported that they were frequently seen rubbing themselves against rocks. According to the English naturalist John Millais, in his 1906 book The Mammals of Great Britain and Ireland, Norwegian whaling captains told him the humpback was the only species of large whale that voluntarily carne into shallow water and rubbed their heads and pectoral fins against rocks to rid themselves of barnacles. Two captains reported seeing humpbacks rubbing their heads against rocks so Page 16 close inshore that a stone thrown from shore could have hit them.

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