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The Legions of Hell It starts off with the humming of flies. The scent of rotting meat. Then the whispers commence. they are in the market, expecting a second of weak spot to allow them to slip via, hungry for the vices that feed them. you can also allow them to in - even though be cautious of the price. a personality booklet for global of Darkness A source for portraying demons on the planet of Darkness, from spirits of evil to the Hierarchies of Hell. details on summoning and pacting with demons. A approach for representing those that were possessed by way of the infernal. pattern demons and possessed to plague a chronicle, demonic artifacts and extra.

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Sure, Belial’s Brood dedicates itself to demonolatry, but most members just grab that religion as a way to justify a bloodthirsty will to power. Kindred on the frontlines investigate and chronicle diabolical lore to get a handle on the enemy’s ideology, but sometimes they find something more. A smart Kindred demonologist usually shares what she learns with her covenant alone. Demonology is usually irrelevant to nightly affairs, but when it matters, it really matters. That’s when occult lore turns into currency.

Still, the information is out there if they know where to look, what to look for and how to interpret the symbols and metaphors that are so common to occult writing. People write about demons in a number of ways. Practical demonologists have devised several categories for these works. For the sake of clarity, we’ll divide them into Hierarchies, Mythologies, Secret Names and Testaments. Hierarchies Bahalul: Baronet, Vassal to Tophet, Master of the Gold-Melting Fire Bezzaric: Earl, the Green Forge, the TwoFaced One Byrof: Archduke, Warden of the Evil Counselors, Tongue-Cutter An authentic Infernal Hierarchy is a list that sorts a number of true demons by name, position and focus.

They linger in pain and sin-ridden places called Wounds, which may be equivalent to Desecrated places. For the purposes of this book, the Maeljin and their servants are demons. Are they one perspective upon a greater Infernal order? They share many similarities with demons from other traditions, so it’s a strong possibility. If there is a pervasive, universal evil power in your World of Darkness, the Maeljin are its primal guise. The Uratha know best how to confront them on the battlefield of the Shadow, but if they are greater than even the Wounds they rule, they may have resources no werewolf can imagine: avatars on other planes, Whisperers, rituals and fell dreams to infect their spirits.

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