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By Tom Pendergast; Sara Pendergast; Christine Slovey

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Alexander II, Nicholas’s grandfather, had been assassinated by rebels, and Queen Victoria worried that Alix might be in danger if Alix became a member of Russian royalty. The czar’s family, on the other hand, felt that Alix’s position as princess of Hesse was not high enough for her to become the empress of Russia. For both families, the question of religion also made the situation seem hopeless: Alix was a devout Lutheran; but the state religion in Russia was Russian Orthodoxy, and the wife of a future czar had to be Orthodox.

Nicholas and Alexandra. New York: Atheneum, 1967. Meyer, Carolyn. Anastasia, the Last Grand Duchess. New York: Scholastic, 2000. Mouchanow, Marfa. My Empress: Twenty-Three Years of Intimate Life with the Empress of All the Russias. New York and London: John Lane, 1918. Articles Smith, Kyle. ” People, 12 January 1998, 67–70. Films Nicholas and Alexandra. Produced by Simon Welfare and Michael Beckham and directed by Michael Beckham. New York: Granite Film, Granada Television Production, in association with A&E Network, 1994.

After writing a last, loving letter to her staff, in which she urged them to maintain their devotion to their patients and asked their forgiveness for any wrongs, Cavell was executed by an eight-man firing squad early on the morning of October 12, 1915. It was not until 1919, however, that Edith Cavell’s body was disinterred (dug up) and returned to England, amidst a huge outpouring of public grief. Edith Cavell’s execution helped fuel the wartime belief that the Germans were brutal. British propagandists portrayed Cavell as the epitome (personification) of innocence and humanitarianism.

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