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By James A. Harnish

ISBN-10: 0687066883

ISBN-13: 9780687066889

A relocating testimony to how a church can event rebirth through discerning its middle challenge. the major to changing into a Spirit-energized, people-loving, life-giving, community-transforming congregation, says James A. Harnish, is actually extremely simple. All you want to do is be prepared to die. This publication describes how God calls each one congregation to a particular challenge, how God promises discernment to appreciate what that project is, and the way God allows the congregation to die to its entrenched attitudes and behaviors on the way to be resurrected to a brand new lifetime of ministry and witness.

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The same discussion guide was used in just about every group of people in the congregation including Sunday school classes, youth groups, administrative committees, men's and women's ministry groups, and choirs. The more people sharing information the better! These gatherings provided an opportunity for every person to be heard, and built credibility in the process. They provided the task force with critically important information about the congregation. Listening to each other in these groups enlarged the participants' understanding of the diversity of perspectives within the congregation and built a sense of community around the visioning process.

It influences our worship in the way we follow the liturgical seasons. It provides the theological foundation out of which we select study resources. It underlies our organizational structure. It becomes the channel through which we share in global mission. We are very clear that our first priority is to make disciples, not to make United Methodists. But we are equally clear that our understanding and practice of discipleship is shaped by the Wesleyan roots out of which we have come. We've also been very intentional about reaching into the deeper wells of the long history of Christian tradition.

This version took a slightly more violent spin by introducing a big, bad wolf who huffs and puffs and tries to blow the houses down. As you already know, the house of straw and the house of sticks fell while the house of bricks continued to stand and two out of three of the builders were at high risk of becoming pork chops. Jesus didn't tell it quite that way, but he did say that anyone who hears his words and does them is a wise builder, and anyone who hears his words and does not do them is a foolish builder.

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